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If you have been invited to participate in the North Carolina Child Development Survey, please help complete the following step…

Thank you for participating!


Thank you for participating!

If you received an EMAIL from us, there should be a link in there to take you directly to the survey — it will have these words where you should click “Begin the Survey“. If you don’t see that or would like to take the survey at this website, please click HERE.

If you received a POSTAL LETTER in an envelope from us, please click HERE to take the survey.

If you received a POST CARD from us, please click HERE to take the survey. 

Thank you for participating!

By answering questions about your child’s behaviors (which we have no reason to think are atypical), you will be helping us develop better screening tools and intervention methods for children who may need them in the future.
For more information about this project, our contact information, and/or the people on the NCCDS team, please click the navigation buttons above.

Thank you for your time and participation!

If you have any question or comment, please email us HERE.


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